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Contact Geri today!
Phone: 250-470-1041
Kelowna, BC
Email: geri@corecoach.ca

Contact Geri today!
Phone: (250) 470-1041
Fax: (250) 763-1389
#200 - 2903 Pandosy St.
Kelowna, BC  V1Y 1W1
Email: geri@corecoach.ca

About Counselling

Geri's Core Counselling Approach

Geri's counselling approach includes a gentle, inspiring and uplifting human approach. She believes in having a sense of humour even when things seem bleak. She is honest and non-judgmental. Her presence is calming, supportive and understanding. She is fully present and listens to all that is being said, both verbally and non-verbally. She is inspiring and supportive in designing an approach that works for you. She believes challenges or difficulties are opportunities in disguise, and that they offer us gifts.
Geri's Expertise
Her counselling expertise lies in resolving issues such as co-dependency, loss & grief, addictions, abuse, stress management, relationships, depression and more. She has extensive experience helping people to work through these issues and heal themselves.
She specializes in helping you understand and build a relationship with yourself. Geri is an expert in helping you devise a plan that promotes balanced living from the "inside" out. Creating proactive and preventative wellness, choosing balance in career and personal living are also part of her specialty.

The outcomes of engaging in the therapeutic process include: embracing childhood wounds, gaining insights, changing old patterns, awareness of behaviours, understanding of self and tapping into new perspectives. Her clients often report that they have found new balance, resolved and restructured old patterns, and communicate more effectively. Other positive results include enhanced relationships, increased intimacy and self-confidence, stronger boundaries, more wellness and harmony.

"Geri is a coach in the real sense of the word.  Her supportive, encouraging and gentle strength pulled me through the very most difficult time of my life. She got right down with me in my pain and confusion and walked with me, always drawing the answers for my life out of my own heart. Her questions were very challenging and the insights she shared brought incredible light on what was for me a very dark path at the time. Geri definitely is gifted and skilled in helping others move forward in their journey and identifying and overcoming the challenges that may be blocking their path."
Wanda Maguire

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