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Contact Geri today!
Phone: 250-470-1041
Kelowna, BC
Email: geri@corecoach.ca

Contact Geri today!
Phone: (250) 470-1041
Fax: (250) 763-1389
#200 - 2903 Pandosy St.
Kelowna, BC  V1Y 1W1
Email: geri@corecoach.ca

Do you need a counsellor?
Personal Change Readiness Quiz

To discover whether you are ready for making personal changes in your life through counselling, please answer the following with either Yes or No.


Are you open to discover yourself?


Are you wanting to be honest with yourself?


Are you willing to take responsibility for your own changes?


Are you committed to make a change?


Are you wanting to get past making excuses for yourself?


Have you been searching for something better?


Are you looking to heal and blossom?


Are you stuck in a pattern that keeps repeating itself?


Are you frustrated and angry and desire for inner peace?


Are you alone and sad and longing for true happiness?


Do you feel misunderstood and want to understand?


Do you feel unloved or not supported and are open to support?


Do you feel you are spinning your wheels?


Do you feel empty and unfulfilled but want fulfillment?


Does it feel like you are chasing happiness?


Do you feel guilty or ashamed?


Do you feel like a martyr?


Do you feel out of control or things out of your grasp?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, it may be time to talk to a counsellor. I will give you a in-person assessment and after speaking with you about your situation, I will suggest a course of action for you.  

Please fill out the form to be contacted by Geri for a confidential assessment session. All your information will be kept in strict confidence.


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