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Contact Geri today!
Phone: 250-470-1041
Kelowna, BC
Email: geri@corecoach.ca

Contact Geri today!
Phone: (250) 470-1041
Fax: (250) 763-1389
#200 - 2903 Pandosy St.
Kelowna, BC  V1Y 1W1
Email: geri@corecoach.ca

      Coaching is about:

    • Achievement
    • Action Taking
    • Creating Momentum
    • Improving Performance
    • Attracting Possibilities
    • Enjoyment of Creation
    • Getting Results
    • And much, much more!

    Outcomes of Coaching:

    Discover :

    • Balance between work and play by learning to defuse stress in a healthy way
    • Emotional resources to gain insights and overcome challenges in your life
    • Improved communication skills to enhance your relationships
    • Higher self-confidence and increased wellness and harmony into all areas of your life

    Who benefits?

    Coaching is beneficial for many people. My niche includes:

    • Teamplayers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Executives
    • Professionals
    • Creative People

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    Who do I work well with?

    When it comes to coaching, I will work best with you if you have the desire to live your best life, take responsibility for yourself and your life. I want to see you love your life, and as your coach, I will spark your courage, desire, and motivation to make changes! 
    I don't work well with people who aren't committed to their goals. If you are looking for a quick fix or hoping someone else will give you all the right answers, we would not be a good match.
    However, if you are looking for a coach with lots of drive, commitment to your success and enthusiasm, I am definitely the coach for you!  

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